Diabetes remains one of the most common chronic conditions I come across in the office. A lot of people are struggling with it because to properly control the condition, a lot of lifestyle changes need to occur. It is not enough to simply take the medication prescribed, diet needs to change too. Reducing your “white” carbohydrates such as white bread, pastries, white rice etc. goes a long way in helping your glucose levels stabilize.

Diabetes has no cure, so even when you feel better, you still need to follow the prescribed diet and medication religiously. This condition can be devastating to the body, leading to amputations, irreversible blindness, and even death, all of which need not happen. As a diabetic, you need to have your eyes examined every year, by an Optometrist AND by an Ophthalmologist. If you notice your vision fluctuating, this is a sign of poor control of your glucose levels. Excessive thirst and hunger are also signs that should not be ignored.

Do not ignore any signs and/or symptoms. You’re welcome to contact me should you require some advice or encouragement. Stay healthy.

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