Your first eye exam.

One of the first questions we get from someone having their first eye exam is, “is there any pain involved?” The answer is no. A lot of people also get anxious about giving the “right” answers during the exam, the truth is, there are no wrong or right answers, you only report what you see. The exam takes about 20 minutes, and it involves measuring your vision, checking the pressure inside your eyes, a refraction (process of checking whether or not you suffer from any vision problems and measuring the lens required to give you better vision), and assessing the health of your eyes, inside and out.

The test that is done at the license department is not an eye exam, it is a simple vision assessment, they only check how well you can see. This test does and should not replace a proper eye exam, because eye exams go beyond just vision checking. One should have their eyes examined once every year, even though some medical aids only pay once every two years. 

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