Diabetes is one of the most common conditions in this country. I see a fair number of diabetic individuals at the practice and I hear a lot of similar complaints. A lot of newly diagnosed diabetics have very little information on the condition, they are simply diagnosed, given very little or no counselling at all and are left to take medication, without the full picture. This condition can be devastating when it’s not managed correctly, from blindness, to amputations, and death, all these can be prevented.

We’ve decided to start a separate newsletter focussing on Diabetes!


The purpose of the newsletter is to help you understand the condition better, which will hopefully help you manage it better. We’ll also try to help you with the most difficult part of this condition, changing your diet. We’ll do our best to separate fact from fiction when it comes to diet.

How often?

The Newsletter will be sent out once every two months.

If you’d like to subscribe, please send us an email on info@tekozaoptom.co.za with “Subscribe Diabetes” as subject. 

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