Diabetes and Diet

Diet plays a major role in the development of Diabetes. Eating habits are often entrached in us from an early age, so even when we are grown, and know better, it becomes very difficult to make life saving changes. Most people can’t imagine a life without pap, bread, juice, fizzy drinks, meat, etc because these foods have been part of our lives for many many years.

Changing too many things at once is never sustainable, the old habits eventually take over and we end up back to square one. Making small adjustments however, can lead to actual changes that end up becoming new habits. There’s also a lot of misinformation out there on whether certain food are actually good or bad. A lot of people believe fruit juice is healthy, so they have lots of it, and it starts at a very young age, juice bottle with school lunch, glass of juice with meals…Truth is, juice is packed with sugar, even the “100%” ones we believe are healthy. Best alternative to juice? FRUIT. Instead of a glass of orange juice, have an orange…you see where this is going? This one change will significantly reduce the amount of sugar you and your family consume daily, leading to stable insulin levels.

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