Multifocal contact lenses work the same way multifocal spectacle lenses work, that is, they have more than one prescription, which allows the wearer to view different distances clearly. When you get to your 40s, you develop a condition called Presbyopia, which results in difficulty reading small print up close. The prescription required to help with reading at near is different to the one required for distance tasks such as driving, which is where the multifocal comes in, because it enables correction for both distances on one lens.

Advantages to multifocals

  • Better visual acuity for the range of distances from near to far
  • A less abrupt switch between prescriptions
  • The ability to see in most conditions without extra eyewear

Drawbacks to multifocals

Multifocal contact lenses offer a lot of performance ability, but may also be:

  • More difficult to adjust to due to a different viewing experience
  • Accompanied by nighttime glare and hazy or shadowy vision during the adjustment period
  • More expensive because of the increased complexity in design

The lenses come in different designs, and we use trials to determine which design will suit you best. If you’re interested in trying multifocal contact lenses, book your eye exam and we’ll advice.

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