Parents and teachers need to observe children’s habits while doing school work, as they may indicate vision problems. Every school going child must have their eyes examined once a year. Have a look at the questions below, if you answered yes to any of them, book an appointment to have your child’s eyes tested.

Does your child:

  • Hold a book very close when he/she reads?
  • Tilt his/her head at an extreme angle to the book when reading?
  • Cover one eye when reading?
  • Constantly maintain a poor posture when working close?
  • Move his or her head back and forth while reading instead of moving only eyes?
  • Have a poor attention span?
  • Feel drowsy after prolonged near work?
  • Take longer than it should to do his/her homework?
  • Occasionally or persistently report seeing blurred or double while reading or writing?

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