A lens is a lens, and they all work the same way and do the same thing, right? Wrong.

It starts with your prescription. There is a basic prescription and there are additions to it. This, in combination with things like your life style, daily activities, and preferred frame type, will tell us what kind of lens would fit you. This is a service that you cannot count on if you select any of the cheaper alternatives such as the infamous buy 1 get 1 “free” promotions. Lens selection is divided into 3:

Design – Is it a single vision or a progressive lens?

Material – Does your work require toughened materials, do you need the lenses thinned?

Treatment – What coatings or tints do you require in order to function optimally?

Some lenses provide better optics than others, under different circumstances, based on your work, lifestyle and personality, we’re able to find a lens that fits for you, because you’re an individual.

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