Poor depth perception

The two eyes are rarely exactly the same. We normally don’t notice the difference in our day to day lives because we have both eyes open, and as we know, two is always better than one. When I was a student, I had a teenage patient who came into our clinic complaining of sudden blindness in one eye. Upon further investigation, she told me that “something got into her eye a few weeks ago”, but she was fine, until her other eye was itchy the morning she came into the clinic. When she rubbed it, she realized she couldn’t see in the other eye! Her unilateral blindness went unnoticed because she always had both eyes open and could see just fine. Long story short, the “thing” that got into her eye caused an inflammation, which resulted in her blindness, anti inflammatories were prescribed, and her vision restored.

If she was a driver, she would’ve have notice her sudden inability to judge distances. Poor depth perception can be resolved by correcting the eyes so they can see the same.

Annual eye exams are essential for good eye health, when you’re confident with your vision, then you’ll be more confident driving at night.