Presbyopia- Difficulty Seeing Close due to Age.

Presbyopia is a condition whereby the eyes become farsighted due to age. The far sightedness is caused by the lens’ inability to focus objects at near. It is a natural process that usually starts in your early 40’s and progresses as you get older. It is characterized by difficulty reading small print close up, putting a thread through the needle, any activity that requires up close focus becomes difficult.

For nearsighted people (Myopes), presbyopia is experienced as difficulty reading WITH their spectacles/contact lenses, having to remove them to see better at near. For contact lens wearing myopes, the solution is usually to reduce the power of one lens, or change to multifocal contact lenses. For spectacle wearers, removing your glasses to read usually works, if this is undesired, multifocal lenses are the solution.

For everyone else, reading glasses, bifocals or multifocals provide a solution to help with clear near vision. Get your eyes examined, so we can find the best solution to suit your lifestyle.