Once diagnosed with Presbyopia, you have options on how to correct it.

  • Reading Glasses

Readers are the most basic way to help someone with presbyopia. You only wear them when you read, because they make everything else; that is further than arms length, blurry. They are more for people who don’t have any other vision problems, and do not mind having to constantly remove their specs to see far.

  • Bifocal Lenses

Bifocals provide clear distance and near vision to the wearer. They have a segment with a little line dividing the distance and the near vision sections on the lens. They are relatively easy to use, and are more for older and retired individuals, who don’t need much else other than far and near.

  • Progressives/ Varifocals/ Multifocals

Multifocals are a much better solution for most Presbyopes as they provide clear vision at multiple distances, not just far and close. The working presbyope needs more than just far and close, as they also use computers, sometimes even multiple screens. There are many different designs of multifocals, and they vary in price, we can advice based on your needs and budget.

Contact lenses are also an option, depending on prescription and visual needs.