Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a condition where your distance vision is blurry and your near vision is clear. Myopes generally wear spectacles or contact lenses to see clearly.

When we spend a lot of time looking near, whether we’re reading or working on the computer, our eyes stay focussed (accommodated) on the short distance for a long time. Prolonged accommodation can result in temporarily blurry distance vision. Most people experience this as blurry vision when they drive back from work in the evening, or difficulty seeing the tv clearly for a few seconds just after working. This phenomenon is called Pseudo Myopia (false nearsightedness). Other symptoms associated with excessive accommodation are headaches, sore and strained eyes and having to get closer to the screen to see better. Pseudo myopia can become true myopia, that is, the distance vision permanently stays blurry, if the near work is excessive.

Treatment for Pseudo Myopia focuses on reducing the amount of accommodation required to see clearly when reading. Spectacles can be prescribed to wear while working, and frequent breaks are very important in the prevention of pseudo myopia.