Avoid using tap water for rinsing or storing contacts

There’s a reason why we need to clean and disinfect contacts we remove and put on again using the proper products prescribed by your optometrist: It helps get rid of organisms and keep your eyes healthy.

For best results, use the “rub and rinse” regimen method—even if you have “no rub” solution.

Daily disposable contacts may help reduce the risk of eye infections. But be aware, wearing them doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of an infection occurring. However, wearing daily disposables will help you in other ways, like avoiding the need for daily cleaning routines and provide you with a fresh, new pair every day.

Always follow recommendations for wearing and cleaning your contact lenses. Don’t try to save a few pennies by topping off old contact lens cleaning solution with new.

We also recommend replacing your contact lens storage case every three months, if not sooner. Try to keep it away from the toilet and let the case remain open and dry between cleanings.

Following good hygiene habits is important when wearing contacts.