Chlorine and the eyes. 

For a lot of people, summer means more time in the pool. While this may help cool you down, your eyes may not be very happy. Some people experience red, sore, burning, and teary eyes after time in the pool, here’s why:

Swimming pools have chlorine to keep them clean and safe, however, chlorine doesn’t only affect the skin and hair, it can also affect your eyes as well.

Your eyes have a tear film, which is a protecting barrier against dirt and germs. There’s a lot of bacteria in pool water, while chlorine is meant to kill germs inside the swimming pool, it also strips away the tear film in your eyes, and that increases your chances of getting an eye infection.

You can protect your eyes from chlorine with swimming goggles, you can get them in prescription and non-prescription, for children and adults.  Swimming Goggles are even more important if you wear contact lenses, contact us to order your pair.