Most people don’t think about rubbing their eyes, it’s almost a reflex action. Whether you are tired, or they feel dry or itchy, or there’s something stuck in them, it seems like the easiest way to make your eyes feel better is to rub them a little. Here are a few reasons why rubbing is not a good idea:

  • Risk of Infection

Rubbing your eyes puts you at risk of bacterial and viral infections, more so now during the covid pandemic. If you’re a chronic rubber, keep your hands clean at all times.

  • Potential Injury

If there’s a foreign body stuff in your eye, rubbing might result in the foreign body scratching your cornea, or you may embed it into the soft tissue. Try to rinse the eye instead of rubbing if there’s something stuck in it.

  • Vision Effects

If you suffer chronic allergies, the constant rubbing may lead to astigmatism, myopia, and even keratoconus (a thinning and cone-shaped cornea). Anti-allergy drops or medication can help fight the allergy, to reduce the rubbing.