Transitions have released new fun colours, perfect for summer. All available in store!
Sapphire Top ClearSapphire TopSapphire Bottom ClearSapphire Bottom


with its cold hue, looks great with a blue acetate or metal frame. It brings a cool factor and exciting twist.


Amber Top ClearAmber TopAmber Bottom ClearAmber Bottom


is conveying a special style twist; vintage with fashion. It’s great in a lot of colour combinations, such as light tortoiseshell or honey.


Emerald Top ClearEmerald TopEmerald Bottom ClearEmerald Bottom


is the most versatile option. Any frame in light brown tones will be enhanced with the fresh touch of colour.


Amethyst Top ClearAmethyst TopAmethyst Bottom ClearAmethyst Bottom


coordinates either with warm and cold hues frames. The contrast will be striking with a purple, lilac or pink.

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