Here are some tips to maintain good eye health.

1.Healthy Diet.

Fruit and vegetables help keep the eyes healthy and go a long way in preventing diseases.

2. Quit Smoking

Not only does cigarette smoke discolour your eyes, nicotine has also been found to accelerate development of some sight threatening conditions.

3. Keep your hands clean.

Most eye infections originate from our hands. We touch all sorts of things, and then rub our eyes. Keep hand sanitizer nearby all at all times.

4. Reduce Computer Use

Limit the amount of time you spend in front of the computer.

5. Have your eyes examined regularly.

An annual eye exam will detect and even help you prevent vision threatening conditions, by having them detected early.

6. Protect your eyes

Wear sunglasses whenever you’re outside, and wear protective goggles when you garden, paint, weld, drill etc.




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