Keeping your lenses clean is not only important for your vision, but for the general health of your eyes. There are many solutions on the market today, and some work better than others with different lenses and for different people, it’s not a one size fits all.

If your tears have too much protein, your lenses will be dirty more frequently, and will need more than just a rinse with your multipurpose solution. A peroxide solution or protein cleaning tablets will ensure that your monthly lenses stay clean for the whole month. If you don’t clean your lenses properly, you end up with blurry vision, uncomfortable lenses and red eyes.

Another solution to too much protein is to change from monthly replacement lenses to two weekly or even daily replacements. This will mean by the time your lenses get really dirty, it’ll be time to replace them. Contact us if you experience blurry vision towards the end of your lenses validity, you could just need to change how you clean them.

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