CVS is a group of symptoms associated with prolonged computer use. Most of us spend time in front of a computer, regardless of what profession we’re in. Prolonged computer use can harm your eyes and even lead to poor vision. The most common result of prolonged computer use is Myopia (nearsightedness). Computer usage can make certain condition such as dry eye syndrome, muscle misalignment, even worse.

The symptoms are:

  • Red, sore, tired eyes
  • headaches on the front and/or sides of the head
  • Difficulty with night driving, having to squint to see things clearly, having to get closer to the screen to see better.

A pair of prescription spectacles just for the computer can help alleviate these symptoms and may help reduce the chances of developing myopia. The lenses do so by helping the muscles relax. The lenses are even more helpful when coated with Anti Reflective coating to help block the blue light from your screen.