Spectacle lenses with anti glare coating often get smudges on them fairly easily. There are newer anti glare coatings that can repel fingerprints and dust, they do however, still need to be cleaned. I’ve seen people use their clothes, tissues, dirty cloths, toilet paper, amongst other things, to clean their specs. Truth is, none if these are okay to use, some will even scratch your lenses.

A microfibre cloth, that cleans nothing else, other than your lenses, is the best way to go. The cloth you get with your specs is often too small to do the job properly, and most people neglect to wash it, resulting in it doing a terrible job. Use the small cloth to wipe dust off your lenses, but when you have oily residue, you’re better off using soapy water (or the lens cleaning solution) and the microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to wash this cloth regularly (no fabric softener). If all this is just too much trouble, pop into one of our practices and we’ll happily do the cleaning for you.