Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

If you have astigmatism, contact lenses are a great option. They offer clear and stable vision, while maintaining maximum comfort. Toric or Astigmatic contact lenses are available as daily or monthly disposables, to suit your needs. Contact us to book...

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Biofinity Contact Lenses

Luxurious contacts. Premium comfort. You work all day. You go out at night. You want contact lenses that bathe your eyes with comfort that lasts as long as you do. In short: You want Biofinity contact lenses. These lenses are...

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Looking after your Contact Lenses – Coopervision

Avoid using tap water for rinsing or storing contacts There’s a reason why we need to clean and disinfect contacts we remove and put on again using the proper products prescribed by your optometrist: It helps get rid of organisms...

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Contact lens Solutions

There are many different solutions on the market, that do different things. Some are just for wetting your lenses, some are cleaning solutions, others are multipurpose. It’s important to know which ones go with what kind of lenses. Multipurpose solutions...